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I am very glad to discuss our web hosting provider (SEO Hosting) an Australian web hosting company that we had the pleasure of using their service for 2 years now.

We came across this provider after trying few different seo hosting providers or as what they call them the traditional seo hosting providers. The ones that give you different IPs from different C class but unfortunately all from the same datacenter which means they are all behind the same router (I know it gets too technical but hang on a second and I will tell you what that is important).

As I was saying I used many different traditional seo hosting providers and they didn't work. Google already knew all my blogs are related as they were behind the same router.

So I had to change my approach and find a provider that is multi-datacenter. This is something similar to a cloud approach by in a much larger scale. It is not cheap but it is much cheaper than you might imagine and you will get to have access to many different datacenters to host your network of blogs.

After 2 years I have seen some very good results wish smart seo hosting or their Australian version and I can highly recommend them.