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Fever comes about when the body is fighting off some infection or illness. It is important to know how to break a fever in a toddler because of the complications that might arise. Just like in adults, the fevers that give the body temperatures of below 40° can be treated at home. However, it is always important to take a toddler for medical attention if below the age of 3 months as a person would be more likely to make the wrong guess. If on the other hand a toddler has a fever but the temperatures are below the 40°C and doesn’t act bothered by it then there is no need to take action. The only thing that a person should do in this case is to observe the toddler closely.

When looking in to how to break a fever in a toddler, the first thing that a person should do is to take the temperature. The correct way to doing this is rectally. This is the quickest and the most comfortable way to taking a child’s temperature. A lubricant should be applied for comfortable insertion. If the temperature is between 37.7° to 40°C, then the toddler is suffering from a mild fever which can be tackled at home.

Just like an adult, it is possible to deal with a fever when at home. One of the ways to going about this is to give the child as much fluids as possible. The recommended fluids should be water but if the toddler is having trouble keeping anything down, then it is advisable to feed it with chicken soup. The soup helps in starving the fever while at the same time keeping the body highly hydrated.

Another way of dealing with fever in toddlers which should also be used hand in hand with the former is to give it the anti-fever medicine. Some of the common medicine in this category includes acetaminophen. It is very important to read the instructions that the medicine come with. Better still, get a physician to prescribe the correct dosage of any medicine especially when it for children. Bathing the baby with lukewarm water is another way in to how to break a fever in a toddler.

After the bathing is done, a person should pat the baby dry. Wrapping the child with the towel should be avoided. Clothe the toddler with light clothing and cover it with a bed sheet.