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Fever is often experienced by a lot of people. In fact it is hard to meet anyone that has never had a fever. There are numerous ways with which people deal with their fever while people from different parts of the world have probably one natural fever reducer that doesn’t get to be practiced anywhere else on the globe. Still, the natural methods of reducing a fever are many and are accepted all over because they have been approved by the medical fraternity. In order to effectively deal with a fever, a person will first need to understand what it is and what brings it to being.

A fever is caused by the fighting of the body with the germs in the body. The outcome will be the increase in temperature and loss of water from the body. The temperatures will be above the normal mark of 37.7248C. It is for this reason that a person will require to take in a lot of water. Water will help in the reduction of the temperature in the body while at the same time it will keep the body highly hydrated.

Another great natural fever reducer is the soaking a piece of cloth in cold water and then placing it on the forehead. It is estimated that the excess heat in the body will be absorbed through the forehead. Up to 80% of the heat will be absorbed. Additionally, a person can place a similar wet cloth at the back of their neck. Another piece of clothe can be wrapped around the ankles for the same effect. Placing an icepack on the groin will work wonders although the experience will uncomfortable at first.

Eating lesser food or none at all is a great natural fever reducer which has been proven to be very effective. When a person suffers from a fever, the body will hide away the important nutrients that the germs causing the fever would want to use. Due to their weakened state because of lack of nutrients, the fever will subside and eventually it will be gone. In order to succeed completely at ensuring that the germs won’t get any nutrients, it is important that a person doesn’t eat when they are dealing with a fever. They should instead drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated. When doing all these, a person should sleep as much as they can.