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Fever happens to catch every other person. There is no real indicator that a person can catch a fever or that which they will not. If anything, a fever is experienced when the body is trying to fight of germs or viruses that have invaded the body. A fever can be defined as a condition when the body temperatures go beyond the normal levels. A normal person’s body temperature should be in the range of 36.6°C and 37.7°C. There are times that fevers can be said to be mild and no serious attention given to them like when the body temperatures are above the normal but well within the 38.8° C cap.

A fever that should be attended to is that which makes a person uncomfortable. Such a fever will make the body temperatures go to between 38.8°C and 40°C. When the temperatures are in this range, then a person can look into how to break a fever using homemade methods that over time have proved to be very effective. These methods are also universal. In wanting to know the temperature of a person who is suffering from a fever, then it should be taken via the mouth or the rectum. It is recommended that children’s temperatures be taken via the rectum.

The first method which a person should use in dealing with a fever is probably using water to their advantage. The first thing when using the water will be to soak a clean cloth and wringing off the excess water. The cloth should then be placed on the forehead while another one should be placed at the back of the neck. The cloths should be changed every 10 to 20 minutes. A wet cloth should also be used around the ankles and changed at the same frequency. This is how to break a fever when at home when using natural methods. A person can also place an icepack on their going and within minutes they will be glad they did so.

The other way which a person can deal with a fever is by drinking a lot of water. In most cases a person will even not be required to drink more than they are used to (assuming they take the recommended amount). For a man, the normal quantity is 3 liters and for the woman the quantity is 2.2 liters. That taking of water will help recover the lost fluids which happen when a person is sweating. If there is vomiting and diarrhea then the water consumption should be made higher.

Look for a Popsicle to eat. This is a favorite for children but it can prove to be quite helpful for adults. A Popsicle is made up of mostly water and some sweeteners. When buying one of these sticks, it is wise to bear in mind that looking for the more watery and not sweetened will be the way forward. It is actually easy when a person considers how to break a fever when at home.

The other way by which a person can work into how to break a fever is by taking a lot of rest. The human body seems to act more in terms of fighting the fever when a person is not conscious. To add on to this, a person should try not to feed if possible. When fighting a fever, the body will try to stave off some nutrients so that the viruses or the germs bringing the fever won’t find anything to nourish on. If the symptoms of the fever are persistent or severe no hesitation should be made to take see a doctor.