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Fever is experienced when the body is fighting some germs or viruses that have invaded the body. It is therefore healthy to have a fever because it means that the body’s immune system is working. Because a fever is not a disease it is sometimes important to look if there are other symptoms that have accompanied the virus. As for a child who is below 3 months, it is critical that whenever they get a fever that they be taken to a physician to determine exactly what the cause is.

There are numerous fever remedies that people use all over the world. Here are some of the widely accepted remedies and which will work for everybody.

  • The first method to dealing with a fever is to drink a lot of water. For the people who do not observe the recommended water consumption requirements, then hitting the target would be a good starting point. By taking plentiful of water, a person will be able to keep the body hydrated.
  • The other thing that a person should do when looking for a way to treat a fever is to nap as long as they can. The body will be in a better position to fight the fever when a person is asleep. Moreover, when a person is semiconscious they are less to feel awful because of the effects of the fever.
  • Fever remedies should never skip the starving of the fever trick. When the body is attacked by germs, it hides away important nutrients and minerals that are used by the germs. Such minerals include zinc and iron among others. When these compounds are hidden, then the germs become weak and they are not able to fight thereby being eliminated from the body. The lack of eating will help in that no nutrients will be available to the fever causing germs.
  • Many people over the years have been slicing onions into half and placing them under their feet and then wearing socks when they are sleeping. It is said that the onions will absorb some of the germs. The onions will have darkened by the time a person is waking up. Even though this is a traditional method of breaking a fever, it seems to works for most people.
  • Taking of medicines that are sold over the counter in many of the pharmacies is one of the fever remedies that a lot of people use.