Break a Fever

Fevers have been around since the dawn of time. People have over the years been fighting the same using different methods some which have proven to be successful others not so much. With the development of the medical profession, it is now very easy to break a fever even when at home. First of all, […]

How to Break a Fever in a Toddler

Fever comes about when the body is fighting off some infection or illness. It is important to know how to break a fever in a toddler because of the complications that might arise. Just like in adults, the fevers that give the body temperatures of below 40° can be treated at home. However, it is […]

How to Break a Fever in Adults

At one time or another as an adult, a person must have had a fever. Sometimes the fever is mild while in other times it’s severe. When looking into the different methods into how to break a fever in adults, it is important that a person learns of the different methods to treat a fever. […]

Fever Remedies

Fever is experienced when the body is fighting some germs or viruses that have invaded the body. It is therefore healthy to have a fever because it means that the body’s immune system is working. Because a fever is not a disease it is sometimes important to look if there are other symptoms that have […]

natural fever reducer

Natural Fever Reducer

Fever is often experienced by a lot of people. In fact it is hard to meet anyone that has never had a fever. T...
how to break a fever fast

How To Break A Fever Fast

Fever can at times be very distressing, in fact most of the times it is. In order to know how to break a fever...
home remedies for fever

Home remedies for fever

Fevers are some of the everyday ailments that affect people. Sometimes, a fever might make a person to panic w...

How to Break a Fever – 10 Important Steps

Fever is the condition when the body temperature goes beyond the normal level. Fevers will generally occur when the body is trying to fight off some germs or viruses that have invaded the body. The fever could be a sign of a much greater problem. It is for this reason that a person should be […]