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Fever is the condition when the body temperature goes beyond the normal level. Fevers will generally occur when the body is trying to fight off some germs or viruses that have invaded the body. The fever could be a sign of a much greater problem. It is for this reason that a person should be attentive to any of the accompanying symptoms of the fever. For many people, fevers are jus mild which means that the temperatures are well below the 108 degrees mark or 39.4°C. Because many of the fevers suffered are mild, it is quite possible to treat the same at the comfort of one’s home.

However, a person will need to learn on how to break a fever with the generally available resources. When looking for easy ways to break a fever, a person will need to take in lots of fluids, take a lot of rest and even take over the counter medication. Here are the steps that a person can employ in breaking a fever;

1. The first thing that a person should do is to take the temperature of the affected person to establish how severe the fever is. For the adults, taking the temperature taking should either be via the mouth or the rectum. As for the children, then the rectum is the best place to take effective temperatures. Normal body temperatures range between 36.6°C (98 F) to 37.7°C (100 F). Temperatures below 38.8°C will probably not need any serious attention.

2. When the temperatures go to between 38.8°C (102 F) to 40°C (104 F) then it is important to start looking for ways and methods through which to reduce the fever. For temperatures above 40°C (104 F) seek medical attention.

3. In most of the instances, a person who is suffering from a fever will be sweating a lot. In looking for ways into how to break a fever, it is imperative that a person take in a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration. Usually a person will only need to take in the normal healthy amount of water. A man should be looking into about 3 liters and a woman to about 2.2 liters per day. If the fever is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, then the amount of water consumed should be higher.

4. A person can use the lowest amounts of fever inhibiting drugs. The drugs should be used in their least quantity to see whether if it will work. The lesser the quantity amount of drug in situation the better for the person. Some of the drugs have aspirin and it is advised that a person who is under 18 should not take it. Some of the drugs sold over the counter that will deal with fever include ibuprofen.

5. The body seems to fight best when a person is sleeping for some ailments one of them being a fever. It is advisable that a person sleeps a lot when with a fever.

6. In many instances a person who has a fever has germs or viruses that have attacked their bodies. These foreign bodies will also need to nourish themselves and looking at it from this angle, a person should feed their bodies with nothing at all if possible. For a person to succeed in starving the fever successfully, a person should drink clear liquids which are free of nutrients like iron and iron. This way, the fever will subside. If really hungry, then eating a mildly nutritious soup will do.

7. If a fever is problematic and seems persistent or severe, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Some of the fevers can be brought about by serious and more complicated diseases such as diabetes, cancer HIV/AIDS.

8. When looking for a way on how to break a fever, it is important that a person looks in to the other symptoms so that they can see a doctor as soon as possible. Such symptoms include severe pain in the lower abdomen, rashes, blisters, disorientation if the fever persists but there is no more sweating.

9. While taking in a lot of fluids, a person will need to also take in hot teas. Hot tea will help in the cooling of the body just like any other hot drink would. Moreover, tea will still be very good for a person suffering from a fever because it contains some healing capabilities. Some of the teas that a person should consider include catnip tea which is a natural human sedative, Echinacea tincture of tea acts as a natural anti-inflammatory medication and lettuce tea which helps in fighting off the fever germs or viruses.

10. Taking a fresh pineapple is one other way which a person can treat fever. The pineapple contains some medicinal components that will help a person deal with the fever. On the other hand, a pineapple has a lot of fluids which come in handy at preventing dehydration. All these are tips that a person can use when looking in to how to break a fever when at home.