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Fevers are some of the everyday ailments that affect people. Sometimes, a fever might make a person to panic while at other times one can even afford to ignore it. Given the occurrence and the frequency at which people experience it, many have home remedies for fever. When a fever is experienced, it simply means that there are some germs or viruses that have invaded the body and the immune system is fighting them. The result of the body fighting the germs causes the increase in the body temperatures. Under normal situations, the body’s temperature should be between 36.6°C and 37.7°C. Here are some of the methods used by people to treat fevers;

The first thing that a person should determine is the temperature that they are having. If the temperature is between 37.7°C to 40°C, then that is a fever that can be worked on at home. If the temperature is above the 40°C, then it is advisable that a person seeks medical attention. Home remedies for fever will include primarily taking of lots of water. Because of the sweating that people experience when they are having a fever, it is important that they take in as much water as possible to keep their body hydrated.

Many people have learnt of the feed the cold and starve the fever trick. This means that one should make available to the fever causing germs as little food or nutrients as possible. When suffering from a fever, the body of a person will hide the minerals that are important for the germs to survive. A person should also do the same by not eating if they can survive doing so.

This way, the germs will become weak because they are not getting any nutrients. This will make it easy for the body to fight off the fever. Additionally, a person should take a lot of water. If one has to eat, then it is important eat food that doesn’t have the nutrients that will fuel the fever such as chicken soup.

Home remedies for fever should also include taking of medicine. The taking of medicines which are bought over the counter will be very effective if the same are used alongside the natural methods illustrated above. It is also very important that at the time when a person is treating a fever that they get plenty of sleep.