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At one time or another as an adult, a person must have had a fever. Sometimes the fever is mild while in other times it’s severe. When looking into the different methods into how to break a fever in adults, it is important that a person learns of the different methods to treat a fever. But the first thing to know is just what a fever is and what brings it. Well, a fever is when the temperatures go past the normal range. A person’s temperature should be in the range of 36.6°C to 37.7°C. A fever is brought about when the body is fighting off intruding germs. Sometimes a fever can be a symptom of a more serious disease.

When looking into the simple ways which a person can break a fever, the one thing they should know is what the fever does to the body. Most of the fevers will be accompanied by a lot of sweating. Due to the loss of body fluids through sweating when looking into how to break a fever in adults, a person should consider taking in a lot of fluids preferably water. Drinking the normal recommended water quota per day will be a good start in dealing with a fever. If there is vomiting or if there is diarrhea, then it is important to increase on the quantity of water consumed.

Putting a piece of clean cloth in the water and then wringing off the excess and then placing the clothe on the forehead helps reduce the very high temperatures that a person experiences when with a fever. The piece of cloth will help in absorbing up to 80% of the excess heat in the body. Another piece of cloth which should also be damp should be placed behind the neck as well as around the ankles. These pieces of cloth should be changed every 10 to 20 minutes.

Sleeping is the other trick that a person should employ when looking into how to break a fever in adults. When a person is not conscious of the torture the fever is doing to their body, the distress is much more bearable. Before sleeping however, a person should have taken a lot of fluids and where possible avoided eating. By dealing with a fever this way, a person has a very high chance of breaking a fever within hours. If the conditions are severe, it is very important to seek medical attention.