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Fevers have been around since the dawn of time. People have over the years been fighting the same using different methods some which have proven to be successful others not so much. With the development of the medical profession, it is now very easy to break a fever even when at home. First of all, it is important to understand what exactly a fever is. A fever is defined as an elevation of the body temperature above the normal levels. There are normally mild fevers and severe fevers. There are different ways into how to break a fever and they are determined with how severe the fever is.

In determining the type of fever a person is suffering from, a person should first appreciate the different temperature ranges that a body can attain. A normal human body should have a temperature of between 36.6°C to 37.7°C. If suffering from a fever that is said to be mild but not serious, then the temperature range will be between the acceptable 37.7°C to 38.8°C. This is a fever that should not worry a person. A fever that is still mild but is serious is the one that a person’s body temperature shoots above the 38.8° mark. At this range a person will need to use the accepted homemade methods. As for the severe fever comes with temperature above the 40°C mark, medical attention should be sought immediately.

One of the easiest ways on how to break a fever is by a person taking in a lot of fluids. The taking in of fluids will help a person avoid dehydration. A normal fever will make a person sweat a lot and this will lead to dehydration within a few hours. If the fever is accompanied by other ailments such as vomiting and diarrhea then it is important to consider taking in a lot more water than is normal.

The other way into how to break a fever when at home is by buying over the counter medication. A fever will be broken much faster when a person uses medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. When taking these medicines a person is advised to take the least possible dosage so that they can take in as little as possible of it and to also prevent making the body resistant to the same drugs in future. It is important to not give children any aspirin as this causes them to develop Reye’s syndrome which is a serious brain damage disease.

To help the body work perfectly in dealing with the fever, a person should to as much rest as possible. When a person is sleeping, the effects of the medications and the other steps taken like drinking a lot of water will kick in. there is also a general agreement among many people and even the medical practitioners that when a person is rested, then the symptoms of the fever become more bearable. This is definitely an easy way into how to break a fever when at home.

The other step that a person should take when dealing with a fever is to avoid eating if they can. The reason behind this is that when a person is having a fever, the body tries to hide away important nutrients that the germs and the viruses use such as iron and zinc. A person should also think in this line of staving the body of these minerals. The best way to ding this is to avoid eating and if they need to they can take bland foods that have very little nutrients. These are the steps to follow when looking into how to break a fever.